Why do Females Smoke And For What Consequence

"Females Smokers"Ugly facts of smoking in females

It’s necessary that every female protects her very own well-being and health. Stopping smoking is a crucial way to do this approach and is also strongly recommended by doctors to reduce the probability of serious health issues for females later in everyday life. Some smoking related health issues could cause infertility in addition to fatal diseases like cancer.

So how exactly does smoking impact women?

Females smokers suffer short term consequences for example yellow teeth, smelly breath and premature wrinkles, and this can be viewed early on in life. Research has revealed that females will be more susceptible to the risks of nicotine as they have a slower metabolic cleansing system than men have. Women are 12 times more at risk of dying caused by lung cancer than non-smokers are and also have an increased risk of other cancers including larynx, pharynx, mouth, kidney, esophagus, pancreas, kidney and bladder cancers. They are also 10 times more susceptible to death caused by bronchitis and emphysema.

Adverse reactions of smoking in females

Females smokers experience unusual vaginal discharge, bleeding, and an increased frequency of secondary amenorrhea, absence of menstruation and irregularity of periods. Women are at more risk of developing cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks and strokes during the usage of estrogens. Women who smoke are 72% more likely to suffer from infertility as compared with non-smokers.

Factors hampering normal sexual function

Nicotine restricts the flow of blood, which hampers full sexual confidence. The circulation of blood to the labia, clitoris and vagina flows less steadily, which has a detrimental effect on arousal and sensitivity. Smoking also causes decreased fertility. Pregnant women who smoke can face issues such as preterm delivery, premature rupture of their membranes, placenta previa, miscarriage and neonatal death.

So why do females smoke?

However some women know about these problems, they continue smoking. Some popular reasons cited by women for their smoking is that it allows them to relax and curb any present or potential feelings of aggression and sometimes even depression. Stress can become a frequent occurrence on the job and also at home, and smoking is one way women often relieve themselves from that stressful sensation. A lot of women also smoke to lose weight. Even though this is an efficient method, the negative effects significantly outweigh the advantages.

Smoking not just has an effect on you but also the people who are around you. Women who have children or who wish to have children are at the greatest risk.