Get Ex Back Tips: Win Ex Girlfriend Back

Some people think that winning back an ex girlfriend is hopeless and impossible. It may or may not be, you can never really tell, so if you really want to get an ex back. There’s no harm in trying. At least you could say, you did try. Like they said, if it’s meant for you, it will come back to you.

But waiting in vain can be difficult and if you are not the type who just waits for the moon to fall try these tips. And remember a second chance at love is way back sweeter. But before you do all these, you have to make sure you still have feelings for your ex and not just because you are lonely because it will show.

Consider these things first:

1. Reasons – What are the reasons you broke up? Is it something you did that she doesn’t like or is it because of someone else. If it’s because of someone else, that is tough and I believe not worth fixing over. But if not then make a reason for her to come back to you. Make her see that you are worth another try.

2. Attraction – There must still be an attraction between the two of you before this could work. If you know she is still attracted to you, then you have a good chance of winning her back. Work on those attraction but in a subtle way.

3. Compatibility – If you were compatible together, then this is good, it means your personality matches and you clash less and you have common things you both enjoy doing.

4. Method – How do you get an ex girlfriend back? Things that you should never do is to beg and plead for your ex girlfriend to come back. Don’t threaten your ex girlfriend like you are going to hurt yourself if she doesn’t come back. These are a big no-no. So you have to be careful on your methods on how to win your ex girlfriend back. Play up the good parts, your attraction, compatibility, what you know could be the reason of the break-up, change and improve on that.

5. Time – This could be difficult. But give your ex girlfriend some time. Don’t call or text her a hundred times a day just because you miss her and you are lonely. This could irritate your ex girlfriend and drive her away. Don’t entirely disappear also but don’t be all over her either. Be subtly visible and let your ex girlfriend be aware that you are still there but don’t choke her. Some people need time to think.