A Guide on Being a Stay-at-home Husband – Part II

This is the second part of the serial “A guide on Being a Stay-at-home Husband”. Make sure you read first part – A Guide on Being a Stay-at-home Husband – Part I

4. Don’t succumb to idleness and boredom. – Domesticity is never synonymous with dormancy. Even if you’re tied up with all those menial jobs at home and have plenty of time to spare, you shouldn’t give in to the pull of boredom. The buzzing atmosphere in the office may be what is missing at home, so it is up to you to simulate your all-busy surrounding to bring out your inner zest for other activities. Instead of sitting in a rocking chair after washing the dishes, for example, open your computer and answer your emails. After bringing the kids to school, play badminton in a local court. The operative phrase is to stay active.

5. Make yourself reachable to the outside world. – A stay-at-home husband is not a hermit, so stop thinking of living like one. Open your doors to people even if many of them disagree with your decision to let your wife occupy the driver’s seat. Anyway, you’ll only be liable to yourself in the end. Don’t hide from the clutches of civilization. Let other people know where you are. Make them feel that you value your job as a house caretaker on duty and they’ll never ridicule you for being one.

6. Do your chores with the best of your ability. – There’s nothing belittling in doing domestic chores. Otherwise, women will all be ashamed doing these home must-dos. Household chores are special. You have to enjoy them to lighten their loads. Their gratifying effect may not be as significant as when you’ve finished a major project at work. Nonetheless, you have to give the best of your ability to maintain a level of consistency in whatever you do. If you allow yourself to get used into finishing tasks with no glitches and without wasting too much time, you’ll find some sense of success from it.

7. Don’t envy your wife. – Initially, your ego may be pricked somewhat by the fact that it’s your wife who’s bringing home the cash. Your self-esteem dives into an all-time low. Your drive to succeed melts down. All of a sudden, the idea that you’ll be leaning your back on your wife becomes a frightening scenario. Things could even get wholeheartedly give in to your wife’s pleadings to let her work, then you have no right hitting her in the end for becoming a certified success. Brush that envy off your skin.

8. Believe that your situation is just temporary. – Nothing goes on forever. You may not like the idea of being grounded at home, but if you pour in the effort to regain a seat in the employment arena, your travails may soon be over.